Monday, June 12, 2017

Friend Zone

Hey Hey everyone! It has been a great week here! MAN TREVOR AND MADDIE FINALLY ARE ENGAGED HUH? That is so exciting! I am stoked for you two. You guys make an adorable couple. If you have any, send some pictures of the proposal. Trevor it seems like you did a good job on the big event. You make a brother proud. It is pretty wild to think about how different life will be when I get home. Three Cheers to Two years! I am really sad to hear about Grandpa's health. He has always been such an amazing man. I am especially grateful for the experience that I had to give him my first priesthood blessing. I will hold on to that memory forever. Many other blessings have followed and I am grateful that I had the privileged to give my own grandfather my first. Please give him a hug for me and tell him and grandma I love them. Enough of the sad stuff. 

Some highlights of the week, we were accused of housing a juvenile delinquent who escaped her half way house. We saw these two guys wrecking each other outside of Taco Bell. We found an investigator from Egypt, and we literally found an investigator whose name is Lemuel. I almost peed when he told us his name was the same as the brother of Nephi. He is going to get baptized for sure. Plus Elder Cline and I have officially been out on our missions for double digit months! Ten months has flown by holy cow. The mission thing is crazy sometimes. 

The role of district leader is going just fine. I have an awesome district so we haven't run into too many problems. I am grateful to say that I give a lot of blessings of course, but I don't mind at all. This last week I gave a training on staying out of the friend zone with investigators. We talked about making our purpose clear and having a DTR (Define the Relationship) during the first lesson. It went well. Who knew that dating is such a great analogy for missionary work. Lucky I have a ton of experience with the friend zone! I practically live there! 

Our investigators are doing well. D, our investigator has set a baptism date for the first of July. Who knows we might be moving it up a little bit. She is ready to go! We continually find new investigators from other countries. I love Africans so much! I am definitely going to try to go over there and do some humanitarian work when I get home! They are the coolest people. 

I will finish this email with a thought. I have felt extremely grateful these past couple of weeks for the blessing of being born into the church. Lucky for me, I have never really had to search for the truth, because I was born with it as a part of my life. Every day I run into people who could so greatly benefit from this message, but are not willing to put pride aside and listen. Bob and Jen, thank you so much for raising me with the gospel in our family. I will be forever grateful for that blessing. We are so blessed to live where we live and to know the things that we know. It doesn't take long to find a long list of blessings that we have been given because of the gospel. Gratitude is the key to happiness!

 I love you guys have a great week! 

Still in the Friend Zone,
Elder Obray

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