Monday, June 26, 2017

No Shoes, No Shirt... Wanna get baptized?

Hey Hey Hey. This week has been a pretty standard week. There were some interesting changes though so we will see how things go. Because of transfers, we didn't really get to do as much work as we would have liked, but all is well. I am glad things are going well back home. I am jealous that summer is starting up for you guys! The humidity is picking up here. Just like the winter, the actual temperature has no indication of how the weather really feels. I am becoming more and more grateful for air conditioning and deodorant. What a blessing. 

So I am kinda bummed to say that Elder Cline got transferred this week. I was sad to see him go. We sure had a lot of fun together. He moved out to Mason City, Iowa. I sure am going to miss him. The cool thing though is that we will be going home together so we definitely will be around each other again. My new companion's name is Elder Youngstrom from Idaho Falls. He is a super funny kid and he is a crazy artist. He is currently drawing a picture of me and my dream girl, Rapunzel from Tangled. I will make sure to send you guys a picture when he is done. We are pretty different, but I am excited to learn from him.  He has been out for nineteen months. 

There was a couple of pretty unfortunate things happen this week that put a damper on the work. Our investigator D didn't come to church for the third week in a row. we are going to have to postpone her baptism a little bit. She told us she is ready to go, but has a hard time getting rides to church. Definitely keep her in your prayers this upcoming week. She needs to get baptized! We had awesome lesson with another one of our investigators C. We taught him the Gospel of Jesus Christ from 2 Nephi 31. We had an emphasis on the spirit and he opened up and told us that he was starting to realize the truth of our message. He told us that he feels the spirit and he is excited to work towards his baptism date of July 22. We found an African investigator from a new country this week. His name is M and is from Chad. We are teaching people from like ten different countries right now. Who knew? 

I am starting to recognize a pattern here in my mission. It seems like every Sunday night, when we are about to go in, we end up finding an investigator on the last door of the day. Obviously, no coincidence. Yesterday was an interesting one. We approached the door and I was convinced that no matter what, this guy was going to be a new investigator. When he opened the door and came outside he was literally wearing nothing but a tiny pair of boxer briefs. He proudly came outside and talked to us as he rubbed his hairy belly and wiped the tired out of his eyes. As we talked to him, he said he was down to have us come back and teach him. I invited him to be baptized and he even accepted. Hopefully he dresses a little bit more modest when he comes to church. I don't think the Relief Society would appreciate that. 

Unfortunately, that is all the real highlights of the week. We did find a street called "Chandler Street" and of course we knocked it. No success really, but we did have a Christian singer give us his CD. I can't wait for August 2018 when I can put that bad boy in and jam. 

Have a great week this week. I love you. 

Elder Obray

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